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Information for agency partners

The Agile BPA is 18F's contract vehicle to acquire development, design, and full-stack teams to help work on 18F-managed projects. This is part of 18F's efforts to increase our capacity to help agency partners do great work, through using agile processes to transform the way the federal government buys and builds digital services.

How to purchase services through the Agile BPA

Although only 18F may issue task orders against the BPA, any federal agency may obtain services through 18F. If your agency has a project that is appropriate for the Agile BPA, we can help.

Right now, we're managing inquiries the same as other prospective 18F projects via our intake team. Agencies should email us at inquiries@18f.gov with information about their problem or project. As we learn more about how to work with other agencies on the BPA, we will refine the process.

How 18F hires vendors for the Agile BPA

Through the Agile BPA, 18F hires vendors with labor categories ranging from Backend Web Developers to Visual Designers to Content Strategists. We use novel ways to select vendors: the most important thing for us is the ability to ship high-quality working software. More about how we work with vendors.

Vendors compete among three pools: Pool One is design (small businesses only), Pool Two is development (small businesses only), and Pool Three is full stack (unrestricted). Vendors have been awarded for Pool Three, and we're working on Pools One and Two.

How working with the Agile BPA is different from typical contract vehicles

Smaller contracts

An important difference between the Agile BPA and most other traditional IT services contract vehicles is that we make the procurements themselves reflect agile development. We plan to issue task orders — consistent with the TechFAR — that feature shorter time-frames, smaller dollar amounts, and user-centered design principles. In other words, Agile BPA purchases will tend to be much smaller and more modular than most contracts.

18F is your partner during the process

When you purchase services via the Agile BPA as an agency partner, 18F will be part of the process, rather than your team working directly with a vendor.

After your initial intake discussions with 18F, there will be a few main steps for using the Agile BPA:

  1. Execute an Interagency Agreement (IAA) between your agency and 18F.
  2. 18F will conduct a project acquisition workshop.
  3. 18F will acquire one or more Agile BPA vendors.
  4. 18F will lead a project inception workshop with the agency and the vendor(s).
  5. 18F will manage the vendor's post-award delivery of the product.

Vendors on the Agile BPA

Pool Three vendors:

  • Acumen Solutions Inc

  • Applied Information Sciences Inc

  • Booz Allen Hamilton Inc

  • DSoft Technology Company

  • Environmental Systems Research Institute Inc.

  • Flexion Inc.

  • Agileana LLC

  • NCI Information Systems Inc

  • PricewaterhouseCoopers Public Sector LLP

  • SemanticBits

  • TechFlow Inc

  • TeraLogics LLC

  • Three Wire Systems LLC

  • True Tandem LLC

  • Vencore Services and Solutions Inc

  • Ventera Corporation

  • World Wide Technology