We work with federal agencies to reduce the risk of software procurement while ensuring flexibility. Our team of design, technology, and contracting experts can help agencies scope projects, access a qualified vendor on our Agile Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA), and collaboratively manage the development of your product.

We're involved through the entire procurement process and our team helps agencies shift from traditional waterfall development to agile methods, reducing risk, production time, and improving the user experience. One of the tools we offer is the Agile BPA. The Agile BPA is a contracting vehicle that provides TTS with access to a pool of 17 pre-vetted vendors from GSA’s IT Schedule 70.

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How it works

Our team will work with an agency to:

  • Determine whether an Agile Acquisition using the Agile BPA is the right fit for an agency's needs

  • Conduct a short investigation and workshop series to better understand the barriers to achieving its mission

  • Draft and manage the procurement, including technical evaluation and selection using our Agile BPA vendor pool

  • Create a collaborative agile working environment with the agency product owner and chosen vendors

When you, as an agency partner, work with our acquisition team and vendors from the Agile BPA, you put yourself in position to meet the needs of users, deliver functionality quickly, and remain flexible to changing technology and business priorities.

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